My Successful Career

Lee Townsend Success

It’s been a while since my last article so I thought it would be only fitting if I broke that silence with a blog post explaining my absence. This post is going to be loosely themed around the subject of success. Every so often, somebody will ask me what my ultimate goal is. I get asked whether I have ever considered auditioning for The X Factor and it sort of reminds me of that question you hear when you’re a kid: What do you want to be when you grow up? Now, I’m still not sure at what point you get to where you consider yourself a grownup but I’m pretty sure I still haven’t reached that particular milestone, despite getting ever closer to the age of 30.

Lee Townsend YoungThere was a point for a long time when I would have answered simply “I want to be a successful musician”. I mean, don’t we all? I think everyone who discovers a musical instrument dreams of one day being able use it to make a living. The thing is though, when can your achievements warrant the use of the word successful? When I was a kid, I used to have these fantasies of walking out on stage in front of a sea of people but the older I get, the more I think that success isn’t necessarily measured by the size of the crowd. I have lived in Spain for 10 years and have paid my bills and lived comfortably having, for the vast majority of that time, done so solely as a performing musician. I have had a handful of day jobs over the years which have allowed me to have a few luxuries but none of those jobs have been the typical mind numbing things just to earn some extra cash. More to the point, I have always had peace of mind knowing that my life isn’t ruled by holding down an office job.

Over these last couple of weeks, my girlfriend, Emily and I have been in the process of buying our first apartment together. This is the reason that my YouTube content has slowed down and that I have posted some cryptic tweets. It’s all really exciting and I’m feeling very fortunate to even be in the position where I have the possibility of owning a property. The paperwork involved in purchasing a property in Spain is absolutely outrageous and has made it seriously stressful but the whole process has got me thinking about success.

Tweed Nelson & Derrin NauendorfAs I said before, I remember having visions of success when I was younger but the more I think about it, the more I have pride in what I have achieved already. I mean, I have a decent local following and I’ve played support slots for The Bootleg Beatles and Derrin Nauendorf, both of which are very highly acclaimed acts in their fields. I have a wonderful girlfriend and now we’re buying a house together. We’ve even got a dog! The fact that I have been able to achieve all of this happiness without ever having the worry of losing a job is amazing.

Anyway, I just want to finish this update by saying thank you to anyone who has seen me play live or commented on a social media post or shared a video or shown any kind of interest whatsoever in what I do. You have helped to enable me to have the best job in the world. Let’s face it, how far can an artist get without an audience?

Hope to see you at a show in the near future!

Lee x