Remembering Aretha Franklin

RIP Aretha

When I was a kid, my favourite film ever was The Blues Brothers. I could recite every line, both spoken and sung, and without exaggerating, I must have seen it about 400 times. The music in the original 1980 film is so raw, honest and soulful that I defy anyone not to tap their foot or even burst into a full-blown dance routine whilst listening to it.

To this day, when I hear the stunning voice of Aretha busting out “Think”, I get chills all over. She was undeniably one of the most naturally talented vocalists ever to have lived and her voice will live on for generations to come. Great artists never really die, they just move on.

Here’s a throwback to that time Aretha Franklin made Barack Obama and Carole King cry.

Rest in Peace, Aretha!