With the summer season finally over, I have a little more time to write a quick update. Some of you may have noticed that it’s been a while since I wrote anything on here and it wouldn’t surprise me if you’d concluded that I’d just lost interest in the blog section of my site. This isn’t the case by the way, I have been in the middle of a very busy schedule and have played more than 70 gigs since April. The season, once again, has been absolutely awesome but I have to admit, I’m definitely ready for a break. Despite the cliche of being a wedding singer, particularly since the release of the Adam Sandler film of the same name, the feedback I get year after year makes it the best job in the world.

Aside from playing live, I’ve been working at developing The Box Drum Band along with the other guys in the band, along with having a play around with some original ideas. Some of those are actually turning into half decent songs. I went through a bit of an Oasis phase a coulee of weeks ago and decided to listen to every one of their albums back to back. Back when I started to learn to play the guitar, I was the biggest Oasis fan ever. I tried to emulate Noel Gallagher in every way I could and even went to school dressed as the man himself on world book day. Anyway, when I got around to Oasis’ third album, “Be Here Now”, I realised that it was directly responsible for me picking up the guitar in the first place. I mean, I would definitely have tried to learn anyway but I vividly remember the day the album was released in 1997. I remember getting home with my parents from the record shop and playing the album start to finish. The sound of the aeroplane engines roaring into life before the opening track, “D’you know what I mean” still gives me goosebumps to this day. A few days later, my dad caught me miming along to the album and he remarked how my strumming hand was already spot on. Being a musician himself, he put a guitar in my hands, taught me how to play some basic chords and that was it, I was hooked.

Nerja Weddings By SonyaBack to the wedding season in Nerja… I want to thank everyone who booked me this year. It really means so much that you choose me over all the other wedding bands in Spain to play on your big day. I’d also like to thank the various wedding planners I’ve worked for as they do an amazing job making sure the day runs smoothly. In particular, I want to thank Sonya Casey as she gives me by far the most work throughout the year and she picks the most amazing team of people to work with. So anyway, I’ve rambled on about nothing which is what I do best. While I’m on the subject of weddings and before I finish this update post, let me just remind you of my Private Events page. If you’re interested in booking me for any private function, please visit leetownsendmusic.com. On that page, you’ll find various bits of information about what I can offer.

So that’s it for this post. Nothing really very exciting but I just felt that it was about time I posted another update. I’m hoping not to leave it another 6 months before the next one!

Until next time!

Lee x


I am a solo acoustic singer/songwriter from North-West England with a love for great lyrics which tell a story.